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Pomilia Peeled Tomatoes bring to your kitchen the smell of fresh picked tomatoes and the genuineness of the sun-ripened tomatoes of the South of Italy.
Soon after being picked, the tomatoes are peeled and canned in their own juice in order to preserve their taste and aroma. Thanks to their consistency and to their fresh and natural taste, Pomilia Peeled Tomatoes are really versatile and are suitable to any recipe

Tomato Pulp


Pomilia Tomato Pulp , with its 2,550 kg can, is thought for both small and large catering services as it is the main ingredient for several recipes. It is only from selected tomatoes, fresh grinded soon after the harvest, thick and velvety, Pomilia tomato pulp brings to your table the intense and savory taste of the fresh-picked tomatoes. Seeds and peel free, it is a great tomato pulp for pizza and focaccia bread, especially suitable for sauces that need slow cooking and high temperatures.

Bio peeled tomatoes


Pomilia Biological Peeled Tomatoes bring to your table the authentic taste of the sun-ripen tomatoes of the South of Italy, where they have been cultivated respecting Nature, without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. The biological tomatoes, in fact, are carefully selected and picked at the perfect degree of ripeness, immediately processed and packaged in order to preserve the freshness and genuineness of the just-picked tomatoes. Devoid of skin and canned in their own juice, Pomilia biological peeled tomatoes are ideal for any recipe, from the most traditional to the most innovative ones.



The simplicity and genuineness of the cherry tomatoes – small, round and with a compact pulp – make them an inevitable ingredient. Pomilia chooses and selects only Italian sun-ripened tomatoes that have the unmistakable taste of the fruits grown in the Mediterranean territory.
Pomilia’s cherry tomatoes are canned soon after the harvest and kept in tomato juice in order to preserve the aroma and the sweetness of the fresh-picked tomatoes at the right degree of ripeness.
It is a versatile product, perfect to add color to dishes with vegetables and especially suitable for sauces that require a fast cooking or to add flavor to bread and focaccia bread.

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With their unmistakable dark color and their intense and distinctive taste, Pomilia Borlotti Beans bring to your table the smell of the vegetable garden and the taste of tradition. Packed immediately after cooking and kept in a solution of water and salt, in the practical can easy to open, they are ready for use and they keep their fragrance intact in every preparation. Thanks to their compact and tasty pulp, Pomilia Borlotti Beans are particularly suitable to add flavor to vegetable soups that are perfect for a healthy and balanced diet.



With their velvety and tasty pulp, the delicate skin and the intense flavor, Pomilia Chickpeas are ready for use and ideal to add flavor to vegetable salads, cold pasta salads or to traditional soups. Boiled and kept in a solution of water and salt, the practical glass package guarantees the freshness and the taste of just-boiled chickpeas. The tin re-sealable cap allows you to use the desired amount of chickpeas and to store them in fridge for a few days after opening



Pomilia extra-fine peas are ready for use and they bring to your table the smell of the vegetable garden and the taste of the just-picked peas. Gently boiled, they are kept in a solution of water and salt and packaged in the practical glass jar that preserves the fragrance of the peas and their naturally sweet taste. Pomilia extra fine peas are really versatile and are suitable for any preparation, from the traditional pasta with peas to vegetable soups and to the most creative recipes.



Ready for use and ideal for any preparation, Pomilia Cannellini Beans are packaged soon after cooking and kept in a solution of water and salt to preserve their freshness and nutritional properties. The practical glass jar helps keep the naturally sweet taste of beans intact and they can be stored in fridge also for a few days after opening thanks to the re-sealable tin cap.

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Made of chosen and selected olives from Italy, Greece and Spain, Pomilia Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is processed only by mechanical means. With its soft and fruity taste, it can be used raw – in order to dress salads and cold dishes – or for cooking, as it preserves its delicate aroma even in the most elaborated preparations and after long cooking hours.



Rich in plant sterols and linoleic acid – a good ally for our organism as it helps keep the blood cholesterol levels low – Pomilia Corn Seed Oil is an excellent alternative among the several kinds of vegetable oils. Light and delicate, it can be used raw – to dress salads and cold dishes – or to prepare fragrant and tasty fried food.

Peanut Seed Oil


Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, with its typical light yellow color and its clear look, Pomilia Peanut Seed Oil is particularly suitable for fragrant and genuine fried food. Regarded as one of the most precious seed oils, considering its organoleptic properties and its chemical composition, the peanut seed oil is similar to the olive oil and can also be used raw.



Pomilia Sunflower Seed Oil is extracted only from selected seeds of sunflowers in order to reach the characteristic straw-yellow color. Because of its high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is especially used to fry and to prepare sauces and oil preserves.

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The genuine tomato

In our products you can find the authentic taste of real Italian tomatoes.


San Marzano P.D.O.

We are members of the consortium for the safeguard of San Marzano tomatoes of the area Agro Nocerino-Sarnese (Tutela del pomodoro San Marzano dell’Agro nocerino-sarnese)


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