Genuine tomatoes since 1973

In 1973 Pomilia was born: two brothers, Gerardo and Antonio Salzano, founded what would have become more than just a family-run business. The first factory (10.000 mq) produced Italian Peeled Tomatoes, Legumes, Vegetables, Fruit and Canned Mushrooms.

In 1977 new products were added: Mediterranean Tomatoes and Tomato Pulp.

In 1978 the line of the “red products” was completed with the Tomato Purée.

In 2007, with the acquisition of Galmond, the production plant reached the current size of 37.000 mq. During these years, Pomilia started commercializing Seed Oils ( Peanut Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Corn Oil and Soy Oil) with the brand Olé and in 2008 it completed its line with the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

Today the company is run by the founders’ sons that have renewed the commitment made 40 years ago: bring to the consumers’ table high-quality products.

A certified goodness

Our tomatoes are cultivated in fields where severe soil  and irrigation water analyses are conducted, certified by associations to which the agricultural co-operatives , that are our suppliers, refer.

The raw material used to produce peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, purée  and cherry tomatoes is from Apulia, specifically from the areas around Foggia.