Tomato sauce with basil

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Tomato sauce with basil


The genuineness and freshness of Pomilia tomatoes meets the practicality and the excellence of a tomato sauce with basil ready to be poured in the pot and cooked. The extra fine pulp of the fresh-crushed tomatoes and the unmistakable aroma of basil, make Pomilia Tomato Sauce the perfect ingredient when you don’t have much time to spend on cooking but you don’t want to give up to the quality and to the tastes of tradition. Pomilia Tomato Sauce with basil is made only with Italian tomatoes cultivated under the sun of the South of Italy and picked at the right degree of ripeness. The practical packaging of the glass bottle preserves the freshness and the nutritional properties of tomatoes and allows the product to be stored in fridge for a few days after opening

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